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20 Claremount Road, Boothtown
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Stepping Stones are now collecting for Active Kids 2015 so please bring your Sainsbury's vouchers into the Nursery and pop them in the box in the entrance. Let's see if we can get the children some nice new equipment!

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Supporting You and Returning to Work

At Stepping Stones we understand just how much a wrench it can be to be separated from your child, which is why we do all we can to support parents and ensure you feel that nursery is as close to an extension of home life as possible.

In partnership with you

Our aim is to work in close partnership with you to complement your approach to caring for your child, particularly when they’re learning new skills such as weaning, potty training, reading and writing. We know that the closer our nursery teams work in partnership with you, the more rewarding your child’s time in nursery will be.

Listening and sharing

Our nursery door is always open for an informal drop-in and we’ll invite you to regular parents’ meetings to share news about your child’s progress and to share stories about their developing personalities.

Finding out about their day

At Stepping Stones we know how important it is that you and the professionals caring for your child work together. You need to feel comfortable about exchanging information and discussing things that will benefit your child.

All parents receive a daily report sheet at the end of each day, recording parent handover and containing a brief summary of what your child has eaten, how long they slept for and any other key moments of your child’s day that we think you’d like to know. There is a slip on the bottom where you can record significant home experiences and return to be logged in the learning journey.  With this you and we won’t miss out on anything important during their development and will be able to encourage further progress.

Regular opportunities for formal and informal discussions about your child and his or her progress are available. Your child’s “key person” is always available for a chat and your child’s Learning Journey is available for you to look at any time.

Returning to Work

Many parents who use a nursery for the first time are making the decision to return to work. At Stepping Stones we recognise how hard this can be and we will help and support you and your child throughout their time spent in one of our nurseries

When it comes to providing the highest quality day care we believe that working closely with parents makes life easier for you and your child.

Planning ahead

In practical terms we suggest that your initial choice of nursery is made well in advance of the date of your return to work.This is to help you feel confident in the choice of setting and to be assured of a space on the days and times that you and your child will need. Wherever possible we try to be flexible in meeting differing working patterns as we appreciate that modern work patterns continue to evolve.

It is also important at this early stage to provide detailed information about your child’s needs, likes, dislikes, comforters, family words or anything else you think is significant to the nursery. It’s the small details which are part of daily life for you (such as a family name, favourite comforter or specific toilet procedure), which when utilised by nursery team’s in your absence make a great deal of difference to your child, bringing comfort and familiarity.

Settling in

There are no hard and fast rules to settling in at nursery — every child is different and we make sure that their specific needs are catered for.

We encourage all parents to take advantage of our settling in sessions where you and your child get the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the nursery and the team who will be looking after you.

The time and number of these sessions can fit around your needs and can be arranged through discussion between you, the nursery manager and the wider team.

Regular contact

Your child will have a Key Person who will, wherever possible, manage your child’s personal care, plan for their developmental needs and be a direct contact point for you. Our team provide daily written and verbal feedback every six to eight weeks and will invite you to stay a few minutes longer than normal to look at your child’s Learning Journey. This is very informal and helps key staff to develop their understanding of your child.

We also have here at Stepping Stones a ‘open door’ policy for parents which means you can pop in any time you like or telephone to see how your child is getting on.

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